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About Us…

We’re the oldest and most accomplished sea turtle organization in the world! STC is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) membership organization based in Gainesville, Florida. STC was founded in 1959 by Mr. Joshua B. Powers in response to renowned ecologist Dr. Archie Carr’s award-winning book, The Windward Road, which first alerted the world to the plight of sea turtles.

Sea Turtle Rescue

Sadly, only an estimated one in 1,000 to 10,000 will survive to adulthood.

Research and Education

Learn about the migration patterns of “critically endangered” hawksbill sea turtles.

Sea Turtle Tracking

See what is being done with satellite technology today to study and protect sea turtles.

How Your Support Helps Sea Turtles…

With your support we can protect and restore the once globally significant hawksbill sea turtle nesting population and study the migration patterns of threatened olive ridley sea turtles.

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Our Programs and Projects

Satellite telemetry has advanced to the stage of allowing researchers to track sea turtles in the open ocean.

Using computer mapping programs, researchers can plot the spatial movements of the turtle, the route they have traveled, where they go to find food, and estimate how fast they are generally swimming. This assists us in studying how and where sea turtles migrate and what mechanisms they use to return from thousands of miles away to the same tiny stretch of beach.

Turtle Tracking and Adoption

You can see the results from Sea Turtle Satellite Tracking!

To learn more about the many sea turtles we track and how you can adopt a turtle for yourself, or as a gift, click on the link below.

Adopt a Turtle


16 year-old female green turtle who travels mostly around southern Florida and Cuba.


10 year-old female green turtle last seen off the coast of southern Florida.


8 year-old male green turtle that has tracked hundreds of miles along the Atlantic coast.

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